Saturday, February 18, 2012

Helping Around the House

Hey you guys! It's me, Sparky! Long time no see! I still have that same ol' problem -- I gotta story to tell, and no one to write it for me! I was thinkin' about maybe outsourcing the typing to India or somewhere. Then I remembered that being my typist is not a paid position, and it might be kinda hard to get someone out of the country to do it, or maybe even outside this house. So...I guess I'll stick with what I got!

I was a little worried after my last post that some of you might think I'm not a very nice dog, but I really am! (I'm alluding to the "finger incident.") Not only am I great company and entertaining, I do lots of important jobs around the house. Lemme tell ya about a few of those.

Well, first and foremost, as they say, I'm a watchdog. I got 6 acres to look after, and there's not a leaf that hits the ground that I don't know about. Zara helps too. We pay special attention to the magic place called "the gate." This is where very exciting visitors appear and disappear, and so do M and C. Twice a week the garbage cans go outside the gate, and then I gotta lie inside the gate and make sure no one takes them. Once the guys come in the big noisy truck, then we take the cans back to the house. M carries the cans; I get the lids. Apparently no one thinks that's a Kodak moment.

We do inside chores too. We keep the kitchen floor very clean, well except for dirt and dog hair. But anything that drops on the floor -- an ice cube, a slice of onion, some cookie crumbs -- we'll check it out and most likely remove it.

We also take turns helping with the dishes. Looks like it was my night to wash the pots and pans!

Along with the hand-washing, I'll also help out with loading the dishwasher. C really likes to do this herself when it's her night, but I can usually do a little cleaning up before she makes me stop.

I pretty much know my appliances inside and out!

Sometimes after a buncha dishes, I gotta take a break and lie down. Don't tell C ya saw me on the couch -- she'd have a fit!

Aside from the chores I do, I'm also very obedient. If ya ask me, I'll sit, stay, lie down, heel, get back, get up here, get down, go get squeaky, get the ball, get the stick, heel, jump over the hurdles, get outta here, leave the kitty alone, whatever. And if you call me or whistle, I'll always come running!

Come visit us and I'll meet ya at the gate! Woof woof!!! XXX Sparky


  1. Wow Sparky. You are a valuable asset to M and C. I was so glad to hear from you. Pretty soon Toby, our house guest, will be coming to visit. I'm going to put him to work. xxxxxPokie

  2. Sparkster,

    you da man! er... i mean dog!

  3. well sally and chicka got a charge out of getting any fellow dog to work. must be a trick!! food was in order and we saw it.... now the mail man has alot to do with the brew haha at about 5:00 everyday... we liked the happiness going on around your yard.....we have alot of smothering love too. its call spoilage

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  5. Sparky, you are truly a "wonder dog"! M & C are lucky dogs to have you in their pack.

  6. woof! woof! sparky! my kinda dishwasher...